When the partners of Rahn+Bodmer Co. say they are private bankers, they mean this literally: the partners - who have pledged their personal assets and jointly and severally assumed unlimited liability - have for generations borne overall responsibility for Zurich's oldest independent private bank. They are active in the bank and also personally involved in relationship management.

Founded in 1750, Rahn+Bodmer Co. employs some 200 members of staff, who all work out of the company's only office. The streamlined structure and clearly defined specialist and trading divisions help create transparency, which offers the advisors optimal support, allowing them to devote themselves entirely to the individual needs of their clients and to offer a full panoply of services from under one roof.

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Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Münstergasse 2
CH - 8021 Zurich

Tel. +41 44 639 11 11
Fax. +41 44 639 11 22

Main activities

Rahn+Bodmer Co. specializes in investment advice and asset management primarily for private Swiss and international clientele. In addition to preserving the value of its clients' assets, it also seeks to optimize its investment income, managing an acceptable level of risk in line with each client's personal risk profile.

In addition to its know-how in the fields of analysis and portfolio management, Rahn+Bodmer Co. has many years of experience in stock-exchange and foreign-exchange trading.


Rahn+Bodmer Co. also carries out stock-exchange transactions for institutional investors and other banks, who appreciate, as private clients of Rahn+Bodmer do, its reliability and trend-setting automatic order-processing system.

The bank is a member of SIX Swiss Exchange.

General Partners with Unlimited Liability

Peter R. Rahn

Martin H. Bidermann

Christian Rahn

Christian R. Bidermann

Jay Bidermann


Urs Angst, Senior Vice President, Head of Client Advisory, CEO

Grigor Scatarzzini, Senior Vice President, Head of IT

Stefan Glättli, Senior Vice President, Head of Finance, Risk & Operations

Extended Management

Thomas Schenkel, Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources

Thomas Steinebrunner, Senior Vice President, Head of Legal & Compliance

Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Rahn+Bodmer Co.

Münstergasse 2
CH – 8021 Zurich

+41 44 639 11 11
+41 44 639 11 22

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