Bordier & Cie, founded in 1844, is an independent private bank with unlimited liability, owned and managed by the fifth generation of its founding families. The head office is located in Geneva.

In Switzerland, its branch offices are located in Nyon, Berne and Zurich. Bordier & Cie is also a group, with offices in Europe (France, the UK), Asia (Singapore) and on the American continent (Uruguay, Turks and Caicos).

Bordier & Cie places the greatest emphasis on human relationships: the client is the starting-point for its philosophy. This is anchored to fundamental values that are not negotiable and whose significance becomes fully apparent as time passes: commitment and responsibility, absolute independence and availability.

These singular features guarantee for the client an original 'Bordier' experience, the blending of investment performance with a tailor-made service.


Bordier & Cie

Rue Rath 16
P.O. Box 5515
CH - 1211 Geneva 3

Tel. +41 58 258 00 00
Fax. +41 58 258 00 40

Main activities

The Bordier & Cie Group is exclusively dedicated to private management. Its mission : protecting, growing and passing on to future generations all assets entrusted.

Its approach is global, based on a fluid vision of assets and on strong and original convictions. Its standard is the made-to-measure. The assets are managed individually and dynamically, dependent only on the objectives and the personal situation of the client.

We can also offer our clients the following array of advices and services:

Financial Planning
Portfolio Management
Retirement Provision
Family Services
Global Advice to Pension Funds

Partners of Bordier & Cie

Partners with Unlimited Liability

Grégoire Bordier

Evrard Bordier

Christian Skaanild

Limited Partners

Gaétan Bordier

Alessandro Caldana

Michel Juvet

Patrice Lagnaux

Pierre Poncet

Members of the Executive Board

Grégoire Bordier

Evrard Bordier

Christian Skaanild

David Holzer

Nicolas Terrier

Patrice Lagnaux (Zurich)

Frédéric Devillard

Frédéric Potelle

Daia Feigenwinter

Nicolas Porchet


Frédéric Potelle

Family Services

Giambattista Atzeni

Legal & Tax Advice

Nicolas Terrier

Independent Asset Managers

Rebecca Dinberu


Christophe Leu

Bordier & Cie

Bordier & Cie

Rue Rath 16
P.O. Box 5515
CH – 1211 Geneva 3

+41 58 258 00 00
+41 58 258 00 40
Bordier & Cie

Spitalgasse 40
P.O. Box
CH – 3001 Berne

+41 58 258 07 00
+41 58 258 07 10
Bordier & Cie

Rue de la Porcelaine 13
Case postale 1045
CH – 1260 Nyon

+41 58 258 07 50
+41 58 258 07 70
Bordier & Cie

Talstrasse 83
CH – 8001 Zürich

+41 58 258 05 00
+41 58 258 05 50
Bordier & Cie (UK) PLC
Bordier & Cie (Uruguay) S.A.
Bordier & Cie (France) S.A.
Bordier & Cie (France) S.A.
Bordier & Cie (France) S.A.
Bordier & Cie (Singapore) Ltd
Bordier Bank (TCI) Ltd

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