Bordier & Cie

Bordier & Cie Banquiers Privés, founded in 1844, is an independent, international private bank with unlimited liability, owned and managed by the fifth generation of its founding families.

Bordier & Cie is also a group, with offices in Europe (Switzerland, France, the UK), Asia (Singapore) and Latin America (Uruguay). The parent bank is located in Geneva, with branch offices elsewhere in Switzerland in Nyon, Berne and Zurich.
Bordier & Cie is determined to retain that all-important human dimension. It places great emphasis on its personal relationships with clients, convinced this approach provides a guarantee of the quality and individualised nature of its services whilst ensuring it can be highly responsive.

Main activities

The Bordier & Cie Group is exclusively dedicated to private banking: managing and safeguarding its private clients’ assets and wealth, and helping them to pass these on to future generations.

Priority is accorded to forging long-term relationships built on trust and offering services with a personal touch that meet the highest standards. Bordier & Cie places its customers’ interests at the very centre of its concerns, devising and managing tailor-made portfolios that take due account of the needs, demands and wishes of each and every client. The purpose is to generate sustainable and carefully managed returns thanks to its team of experienced asset managers working in partnership with a skilled and highly knowledgeable research department.

In addition to managing private clients’ portfolios and providing investment advice, Bordier & Cie can also offer clients the following array of services:

  • advice on legal and tax matters
  • 2nd pillar occupational pension arrangements
  • Bordier Family Services
  • independent wealth managers

Partners of Bordier & Cie

Partners with unlimited liability
Gaétan Bordier - Grégoire Bordier - Evrard Bordier - Michel Juvet

Partner with limited liability
Pierre Poncet 


Members of the executive board

Gaétan Bordier - Grégoire Bordier - Michel Juvet - David Holzer - Nicolas Terrier -
François Koessler - Philippe Rudloff - Patrice Lagnaux (Zurich)


Frédéric Potelle

Bordier Family Services

Radan Statkow

Legal & Tax advice

Nicolas Terrier


Marco Arnold


  • Bordier & Cie Berne
  • Bordier & Cie Zurich
  • Bordier & Cie Nyon
Bordier & Cie Singapour Ltd
Bordier & Cie (France) S.A.
Berry Asset Management PLC
Bordier & Cie (Uruguay) S.A.
Bordier & Cie Bank (TCI) Ltd
Bordier & Cie
Head office

Bordier & Cie

Rue de Hollande 16
P.O box 5515
CH - 1211 Geneva 11
Tel. +41 (0) 58 258 00 00

Fax +41 (0) 58 258 00 40

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Annual Report 2013

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Le présent rapport annuel donne un aperçu des développements qui ont marqué, au cours des douze mois, les principaux dossiers suivis par l’ABPS.