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The Association of Swiss Private Banks (ASPB) wishes you a happy holiday season

and sends you its best wishes for 2022.

Our members support sustainable investments mindful of nature and society,

which implies that all companies disclose their impact on both.

The staff of the ASPB Secretariat is at your disposal :

Jan Langlo, director
Jan Bumann, deputy director
Anja Touil, executive assistant

Wealth and asset management is an export industry,

as two thirds of our clients are located outside of Switzerland, half of which in the European Union.

Our nine member banks employ more than 8900 people in Switzerland and across the globe

and manage more than 1100 billion of assets, more than one eighth of the assets deposited in Switzerland.

Good framework conditions are essential for the development of banking activities;

the Swiss withholding tax and stamp duties must be reformed, as they scare off a lot of business.