Founded in 1869, the private bank acquired on July 1st, 1976 by MM Mourgue d’Algue & Cie benefits from more than a century of wealth management know-how. The head office is located in Geneva.

Mourgue d’Algue & Cie are dedicated to preserving the private character of their establishment, offering their clients an individualized wealth and estate management service. Mourgue d’Algue & Cie consider each client’s specific needs separately and accompany the client during its lifetime with a personalized and evolving advisory or discretionary management service.

The quality of the relationship is not related of the size of the assets entrusted to our establishment. Mourgue d’Algue & Cie do not prioritize in-house funds, underlining thereby their wealth management philosophy and researching for their client the best and most suitable investment solutions. Where necessary, Mourgue d’Algue & Cie may call on competent external partner organizations with whom they have developed long, stable and trustworthy relationships.

Mourgue d’Algue & Cie are based in Geneva and employ about 20 staff members in addition to the partners.


Mourgue d’Algue & Cie

5, rue de la Fontaine
P.O. Box 3485
CH - 1211 Geneva 3

Tel. +41 22 319 76 76
Fax. +41 22 319 76 77

Main activities

Private Wealth Management

Securities Trading
Investment Advisory

Legal Assistance and Tax Planning
Individual Safe Deposit Boxes

General Partners with Unlimited Liability

Pierre-André Mourgue d’Algue

Swana Mourgue d'Algue


Fabian Eichmüller

Mourgue d’Algue & Cie

Mourgue d’Algue & Cie

5, rue de la Fontaine
P.O. Box 3485
CH – 1211 Geneva 3

+41 22 319 76 76
+41 22 319 76 77

Other members