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    May 23, 2012

    Politicking around the tax treaties

    Switzerland could declare in the words of Voltaire, "Lord, protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies." Indeed, it is possible that the tax agreements thrashed out with Germany and the United Kingdom may not survive the cross fire of the extremes in its own parliamentary debate. And if they do get through, the German agreement could still be attacked by the AUNS (Aktion für eine unabhängige und neutrale Schweiz) in the form of a referendum. Therefore, Switzerland could ultimately see the surge of a nationalist and anti-German campaign which would increase tension in the already strained relations with its principal economic partner. Everyone would lose out. In sectors like tourism this is the last thing they need. So, let us look at the Swiss politics surrounding these treaties.





    Geneva, June 15, 2012

    2012 General Assembly

    Speech by Nicolas Pictet, Chairman

    Rarely in the past has the political pressure on the Swiss financial centre been as heavy as today, with pressure coming from abroad the European Union and USA in particular as well as from home.


    Annual Press Point

    January 12, 2012

    Documents in French or in German (depending on original language)

    The private bankers: a unique alternative in the banking landscape

    Nicolas Pictet, Partner, Pictet & Cie, Chairman of the SPBA

    The financial centre's competitiveness: how can domestic conditions be improved?

    Christoph B. Gloor, Partner, La Roche & Co Banquiers, Vice-Chairman of the SPBA

    Financial markets and the economy: What does 2012 hold in store?

    Grégoire Bordier, Partner, Bordier & Cie





    2011 Annual Report

    Please note that the 2010 Annual Report is available in French or in German only

    Le présent rapport annuel donne un aperçu des développements qui ont marqué, entre le début des mois de mai 2011 et 2012, les principaux dossiers suivis par l’Association des Banquiers Privés Suisses (ABPS). Le nombre de ces dossiers et leur degré de complexité impressionneront n’importe quel observateur. Mais, pour les banques qui, à l’instar des maisons membres de l’ABPS, sont actives dans la gestion de patrimoines privés et institutionnels, ils représentent une véritable gageure. Or, ces établissements forment le gros de la place financière suisse.


    La place financière suisse face à ses défis

    Le contexte économique

    Droit et réglementations

    Lutte contre le blanchiment et le financement du terrorisme

    Questions fiscales

    Activités communes des banques suisses

    Questions internes

    2011 Annual Report in French (full version)


    La Lettre


    La Lettre 42 - October 2012

    Geneva at the Crossroads : its economic and fiscal appeal under threat

    Grégoire Bordier, Chairman of the Geneva Private Bankers Association

    If Geneva has been able to show remarkable economic dynamism when faced with the financial turbulence caused by the worsening of the European Union debt crisis, it must now face a number of crucial challenges for its jobs and prosperity. This "Lettre" is dedicated to presenting the economic and fiscal stakes and their impact on the financial centre, the multinational corporations and natural persons.


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2014 Annual Report

Document in French or in German only

The Association of Swiss Private Banks (ASPB) published its Annual Report 2014 today. It reviews the main events of the past year to end of April 2015 and presents the key issues that the ASPB follows and defends, which include recent changes to financial laws, anti-money laundering regulations, the implementation of AEI or the SNB’s imposition of a negative interest rate. The report concludes that moving from reflexion to action is now an emergency for the Swiss financial centre.